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What are enzymes and how can they aid in raw organic honey?

Honey is a viscous, sweet syrup that honey bees make. Many people believe that by eating conventional honey from the store, they are getting all of the wonderful advantages of organic honey. The truth, on the other hand, begs to disagree.

Raw honey is considerably superior than raw organic honey since it contains a variety of enzymes. Protease, invertase, amylase, and diastase are some of the enzymes found in raw organic honey. Each one has a distinct benefit. We’ll take a look at them in more detail later.

Honey’s diastase concentration varies depending on the floral source. Clover honey, for example, has a diastase value of 5.73. Eucalyptus honey, on the other hand, contains 24 diastase numbers. As one may expect, the latter has a higher number of natural catastrophes.

Diastase, commonly known as amylase, is a digestive enzyme that breaks down complex carbohydrates. It is then broken down into simple chemicals and absorbed into the body in this manner. Grain, pasta, rice, potato, and bread are examples of complex carbs.

Invertase aids in the digestion of sucrose. It’s mostly found in plain sugar. Glucose and fructose are formed when sucrose is broken down. Simply put, invertase aids in the digestion of sugar by our bodies.

Another proteolytic enzyme that breaks down protein into amino acids is peptididase. Protein may then be readily absorbed into the body.

Mix a tsp of raw organic honey into a glass of warm or cold water if you want to get the advantages of raw honey’s high enzyme content. When you get up in the morning, drink it on an empty stomach. It will aid digestion throughout the day and reduce the amount of work your body has to do to generate enzymes.

Raw honey contains the enzyme glucose oxidase, which aids in the production of hydrogen peroxide. All of organic raw honey’s potent antibacterial effects are derived from this.

Raw organic honey has a variety of health advantages due to the presence of these enzymes. Here are a few worth mentioning.

Honey has a significant amount of antioxidants. These include flavonoids, organic acids, and other phenolic chemicals. Honey’s high antioxidant capacity is thought to be due to these components, according to scientists. Buckwheat honey boosts your blood’s antioxidant levels.

Honey is often recommended by doctors as an alternative to sugar. That’s because sugar is just carbon, which provides no nutritional value to your body. It is solely a sweetener source that is used to sweeten meals. Honey, on the other hand, provides the aforementioned advantages. Plain sugar raises bad cholesterol, but honey lowers bad LDL cholesterol, inflammation, and triglycerides while raising good cholesterol, or HDL cholesterol. As a result, experts advise substituting honey for sugar in order to increase the nutritional value of your diet.

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