Bhumi Organic Farm

  • With the primary purpose of providing everyone with Pure, Organic, and Chemical-Free Food, Bhumi Organic Farm was founded in 2018.
  • He wanted people to see the value of Bharat’s enduring Vedic culture and how it may be incorporated into regular eating routines.
  • The Veda states that we must treat the “Cow” as our mother and do everything in our power to keep her content.
  • At Bhumi Organic Farms, our cows are cared for and ghee is produced with these high standards in mind.

Our Mission

For the sake of our children’s and our own health, natural and nutritious food—food produced without potentially hazardous pesticides and fertilizers—is crucial. Our mindset and choices at Bhumi Organic Farm are centred on the health and wellbeing of people, animals, and the environment. We are a firm with a mission, and we work with family farmers that share our commitment to organic food production.

Our Awards

Awarded by

Government of Gujarat for

The best pastoralist (શ્રેષ્ઠ પશુપાલક) – 2022

Key Features

Cruelty free farm

We don’t tie our cows or keep them locked up. Our cows are free to move around. Devotional music and Sanskrit chants are played in the background every day, which helps to keep the cows happy and healthy.

Open cow grazing area

The cow’s are free to feed with green grass and leys in a scheduled diet. Diet comprises of various grass like corn, millets, and other green grasses.

We follow shutak traditional

We follow Hindu traditional SHUTAK, if any cow give born to a calf we are not using its milk for 15 days. Which makes our ghee suitable for any holy rituals.

Situated at native place of gir cow

The gir cow has originated in the Saurashtra state of Gujarat. Our farm is also situated at (Saurashtra) in a lush green region of Gujarat.