How A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee is made

gir cow ghee

A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee is traditionally prepared through a meticulous process that involves several steps:

  1. Milk Collection: The process begins with the collection of fresh, whole A2 Gir cow milk. These cows are known for producing milk containing the A2 type of beta-casein protein.
  2. Curd Formation: The collected milk is allowed to naturally ferment, converting it into curd or dahi. This fermentation process helps break down lactose and transforms the milk into curd, enhancing its digestibility.
  3. Churning: The curd is churned to separate the butter from it. This process involves using a wooden churner or bilona, which extracts the butterfat. The churned butterfat is traditionally termed as ‘makhan’ or ‘white butter.’
  4. Boiling and Clarification: The extracted butterfat is then gently heated in a large vessel or kadhai. It’s slowly boiled at a controlled temperature until the water content evaporates, and the milk solids separate, leaving behind clarified butter or ghee.
  5. Filtering: The clarified butter is then carefully filtered to remove any remaining milk solids or impurities, ensuring a pure and clear final product.

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